Has R&B become white?

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Who’s the king of R&B music right now?  It’s no longer R.Kelly. Though he seemed to have the midas touch back in the 90s and early 00s, his career hit the skids after those child-sex allegations.  It’s not D’Angelo. After two classic albums, like those boys from Jodeci he seemed to self-destruct.   It’s not Usher or Ne-Yo. Those guys are off making funny European house/pop music with David Guetta.  No in 2013 the king of R&B is …………..Justin Timberlake.

Jay Z gave him the stamp of approval by appearing on ‘Suit and Tie’, the first single from his new album, and you know that J only hitches his cart to winners (previously collab-ing with R.Kelly, Pharrell and most recently Kanye West). Sales of JT’s new album The 20/20 Experience broke one million sales after just a few days in circulation.

And who is the R&B Queen to join…

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The Flat: Miami’s New Venue Won’t Tell You When To Go Home

New Lounge, must check out:

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There’s a new lounge in town. The Flat is the newest neighbor in Miami’s SoFi (South of Fifth) district and is nearly settled in. The new venue welcomed droves of the chic and fabulous who stopped by for a peek during The Flat’s various soft openings throughout the week. With its sheer, pulled-back curtains, stunning glass and wood entryway, there is certainly an allure beginning from the moment you step through the entrance.


More than a cocktail lounge, the space offers a living room-like vibe and is designed as a “before experience” for the constantly moving crew that comprises Miami’s nightlife.

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I Want to Fuck Him, Squeeze Him, Kiss Him, and Bite Him.

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How did this even happen..? It turns out that two lesbians trying to get at one boy is intimidating.

Dudes have an issue being courageous around two women for the most part.

Lleo is so depressed though. He’s an alcoholic…
I want him to come have good fun sober sexy time with us.

It’s what people our age should be doing…

I just want him in and around my mouth… Is that too much to ask? I can’t help but wonder what made him decide to finally grow a pair and talk to us about his feelings…

All I do all day is send him texts about how wonderful he is and hope that I’m not annoying the absolute piss out of him…

Rain doesn’t know anything yet.

He asked about my blog again today… Oh man…
And I still can’t believe that I told myself for so long that…

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