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Drake smashed Lil Wayne girl

Tmz revealed the fact that Drake fucked Wayne’s girl, but lil wayne ain’t sweating it.

Via TMZ:

Lil Wayne settled his beef with Drake, who slept with his girlfriend, by concluding, “F*** that ho!” … this according to a book treatment he’s shopping around to publishers.

We’ve obtained additional pages of the treatment, which tie up the story we told you about Friday — that Drake visited him while he was at Rikers Island and told him the day before Weezy hooked up with his girlfriend, Drake slept with her. According to the treatment, Drake said, “I did f*** her.”

Apparently, Weezy decided the GF was too loose for his taste, because in the treatment he concludes, “As a man, I’ll admit that shit really f****d me up, but hey, **** that ho!” He added, “Love is blind, that’s why I say make sure that bitch is a seeing eye dog.”

And there’s some real entertaining stuff, like when Wayne writes about guards coming into his cell and checking his nut sack, and then opening his cereal box and stomping on it.

The treatment also has proud moments, like when Wayne was down in the dumps but was uplifted by a visit from his lawyer. He says when the lawyer left, he went back to his cell to make himself some dinner. “Tonight’s menu was noodle soup and a Doritos burrito. Yeah! Made it myself.” 

But there were low points, too. He says that same night, “The guy below me yelled all night, “Yo, f*** you Weezy!”

Wiz drops a diss record on his own Ex-Wife Amber Rose

Ohhhhhhh, have things changed from this XXLMag Cover photo.

Wiz Khalifah has reached a new low, yes Wiz and Juicy J just dropped a new diss record on Wiz’s ex baby momma/ ex wife Amber Rose. The track was created by DJ Jay Bling of The Money Team and Juicy J. We aint going lie the track is a banger but not like this Wiz.


“For Everybody by”: Juicy J feat Wiz Khalifah

Man, I fell in love with a stripper, funny thing is I fell back out of love quicker. . . .
They don’t pay attention to the love anyway. They only concerned with what the haters say.
Bottles be turning these girls into thots, Instagram turning these wives into hoes.
No real life they just reading the comments. Mess with a real one and get you exposed.
I had a time when my mind was caught up. Niggaz was looking like what is he on.
My family was too scared to talk to a nigga. Ain’t coming back man that case is just closed.
She do what she’s told. Sharing is caring, that pssy ain’t gold.
Sorry you ain’t in control. You all about hat money, that sht that I throw. Just make sure you clean off that pole.
They turn on the Tv and get on the Gram, and say that’s how relationships go.

Trust me don’t save them, anything goes with these hoes!!

I wish we didn’t have to see our black families crumble like this. But was Wiz’s expectations too high, I mean Amber Rose was a stripper and makes her money removing her clothes. Why did he expect something different? Besides how she makes her money, does that automatically make her a bad mother? Why aren’t they able to co-parent? I think both of them need to focus on raising their son, and get off social media with their rants.

Rehema McNeil “Davu”


Born in Memphis, Tennessee, on July 9, 1992, Rehema McNeil was raised in a soulful and jazzy, R&B culture and that is one of the key dynamics in her growth towards her own womanhood. She related more to the music of that time which had substance and meaning. That was the type of music that reached to her in way that the artificial and flashy music couldn’t. 

McNeil developed her own style through poetry and rap by expressing her sentiments on identity, historical events, social injustice, and women’s empowerment. By 2014 McNeil’s performances have already gathered following of strong supporters. She has performed at such events as Martin University’s Art and Soul Homecoming Weekend, Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis’ African Student Association Conference, and the Indianapolis War Memorial Anti-Bullying Fashion Show. 

On November 7, 2014, Rehema McNeil released her debut rap album, “Davu”, with a release party. “Davu” received esteemed reviews boosting of its message of self-acceptance and personal development being the best policy and that self-awareness is the path to growth. McNeil embarks on her journey as a hip-hop emcee knowing that “My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style”, as Maya Angelou so wisely said and lived.

DAVU – Rehema McNeil

Rehema McNeil – Davu ft. LexyContra 

Rehema McNeil – Ambush ft. Nue Breed